panamrx logo message oldest living being on the planet "The course our city runs is the same towards men and money. She has true and worthy sons. She has fine new gold and ancient silver, Coins untouched with alloys, gold and silver, Each well minted, tested each and ringing clear. Yet we never use them! Others pass from hand to hand, Sorry brass just struck last week and branded with wretched brand. So with men we know for upright, blameless lives and noble names. These we spurn for men of brass."
Aristophanes 405 B.C.
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[500 mg tablet # 120]
US $38.25

The active ingredient or generic name is: KONJAC POWDER (POLVO)

For What It's Worth Articles:

Fasting can regenerate entire immune system?
or suprisingly body has CTL+ALT+DEL buttons.

Could tobacco hold the key to beating cancer?
or God appears to have a very refined sense of humour.

New antibiotic that attacks MRSA found in ocean mud
or beauty in mud after all

Antibiotics could cure 40% of chronic back pain patients
or how many unnecessary surgeries does it take to knock a doctor off his pedestal ?

Bacteria key to treating obesity without surgery

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Dentistry
or to brush nobly or not to brush?

Emily Whitehead: girl whose cancer was 'cured' by HIV
Intriguing lesson taught by a sophisticated virus.

Grapefruit drug reaction
There is much more in a grapefruit than you ever suspected.

Faecal transplant to treat gut bug ?
Or in more simple language: drink some poo water.

New prostate cancer treatment may reduce side-effects
Sounds good even if you cant hear it.

Can a hallucinogen from Africa cure addiction?
Maybe there is something to this fighting fire with fire theory.

Rise in Allergies Linked to War on Bacteria

Daily aspirin prevents or treats cancer?
Well there are studies that say it is not a good idea. So, place your bets ladies and gentlemen.

The Frog of War
Or ... when boys are girls.

Glasgow surgeon using ultrasound to treat fractures
Who knows what other body parts could use a similar treatment, eg the brain.

Thyroid drug boosts risk of fractures in the elderly

Fukushima update
Those are General Electric reactors, supposedly designed to have infinitesimal chance of catastrophic failure. Anyway, if the data in this article is accurate, then it is likely an equal amount of radioactive material has fallen into the ocean. Until it is diluted, if you are banning food from the area, you should also ban seafood or test it (Cesium 137 is readily soluble in water and has a 30 year half life). Problem is that once it gets into the food chain it stops being diluted and could even be concentrated in its travel to the top. How long it takes and how much gets to the top is a complex question. So unless you test it all you could get that one tuna out of 100000 thats contaminated years after the all clear. After testing for a year and finding nothing would you continue to do a good job? After running a reactor for 30 years and nothing would you still continue to test the emergency systems completely and correctly? if the tests were expensive? You can fight human nature but can you win?

Scientists warn of link between dangerous new pathogen and Monsanto's Roundup
More skulduggery in corporate skulls.

Cholesterol does NOT predict stroke in women.
Numerous expletives deleted and not from the article.

A Common weed (petty spurge or Euphorbia peplus) treats some skin cancers.
Or you can call it a weed, and a diamond a dirty rock.

Dying Trees Make Way for Mice With Deadly Disease
Or why should you care about some dying trees.

Firms fight move to obtain cheap anti-blindness drug Avastin
No surprises here.

Aqueous cream aggravates eczema
Its actually the sodium lauryl sulphate detergent they put in it. Gulp, thats in the shampoo as well, and in some soap too. A fine state of affairs.

Study Shows Monsanto Roundup Herbicide Link to Birth Defects
Yes this is the same herbicide you probably use around the house. See below for another article on this.

Why 80% of U.S. Dentists are 150 Years BEHIND the Times
Studies as far back as 1926 indicate the same thing. See bottom of this article from the wayback machine.

Cockroach Brains, coming to a pharmacy near you.
Its really not easy being one.

New Drugs in Skin Cancer Fight.

Lab made cornea offers new hope for restored vision.

Herpes virus used to treat cancer.
Maybe two negatives do make a positive after all.

Joints in bad shape?
Thinking of giving up those yearly marathons? There may still be another rabbit in the hat.

Urinary tract infections resistant to antibiotics because of what you eat

The James Bond Shower

Diagnosing Parasite Infections With Dye and a Blacklight

Acne Drug Prevents HIV Breakout

Frankincense a cure for cancer?

What is it like to freeze to death?

Bones from wood

DIY Bedbug Detector
Tired of going to bed with bugs? This device also catches them. Mercy not included.

MP3 players face noise limits
Ears are very sensitive, and many people crank the players to the point of damaging their ears, which will never recover.

Old Eyes
New silicone adjustable lenses bring 2020 in 2010.

Bell Tolling for Swine Flu
If you think all nuns are a rather tepid bunch, think again.

Curry spice kills cancer cells

Should you be afraid of sneezing pigs?
Or Gesundheit miss piggy.

No post-jab paracetamol
Or less is better, and none at all is best.

Children can imagine away pain
Yes I know, this is not news to them.

Cellulitis is not a bad case of cellulite
Or do not crack your heels if you can help it.

Snort your way to a better memory?

Common farm antibiotic suprisingly effective on cancer

Many women not on safest pill

Blue Food Dye Treats Spine Injury in Rats
Or the strange case of when being blue is really good for you.

New way to repair damaged hearts
Heart cells were thought unable to regenerate. Another astounding case of yes, but really no not entirely correct.

Murky World of High-Fructose Corn Syrup
There appears to be more to fructose than its original appearance in fruit.

Anti-Squalene Antibodies Link Gulf War Syndrome to Anthrax Vaccine
Here is yet another possibility in the unsolved mystery; so who really knows.

Liquorice battles skin cancer

Peanut butter deters heart disease
Another good excuse for not cooking

Cancer boost from whole carrots

Right ear is 'better for hearing'

Find out your brainsex

Vitamin for baby brain disorder

The new pseudosenility

Insulin could reduce scarring
Unexpected new application for this well known molecule.

Scientists Exploit Bacterial Laziness
This could very well be the story of our own species. But who is exploiting ours?

Outliving our eyeballs
or sunglasses are not only for movie stars.

Love song of Aedes aegypti
This is the mosquito that carries yellow fever. Definitely top ten material.

Hospitals slow to change
MRSA control usually just an ignored recommendation.

Widespread Gulf War Illness
"It never dawned on us ... that we may have done it to ourselves."

Marrow cures HIV patient
It is one of those, why didn't we try this before, moments.

Sleep position and nightmares
No need to go to the cinema for a good fright.

It's all written in your hands
The state of your health, at least.

Fart gas and blood pressure
Mother Nature definitely has a sense of humor.

Drug may reverse MS brain damage
or Can you really reboot the immune system?

Dirty hands
Study finds faecal bacteria on too many hands. Hmmm, world hand washing day may not be enough.

Structure Of Beneficial Virus That Can Infect Cancer Cells Solved

Avoid Flu Shots, Take Vitamin D Instead
They put a lot of stuff into a vaccine cocktail, and most of it is not very healthy.

Bayer on defensive in bee deaths
A closer look at the poncho pesticide. Well, at least some germans care enough to raise a stink.

Agrobacterium & Morgellons Disease, A GM Connection?
Here GM is genetically modified, not the car company. Maybe Prince Charles has a point that GM crops could be an agricultural disaster rather than a technical blessing.

Scientists Create Blood From Stem Cells
Actually this reporter has gotten carried away. It's the stem cells that have created the blood - all the scientists did was figure out how to talk them into doing it. Reporting seems to be getting mighty sloppy these days.

The Pill may change women's choice in men

Cheap drug hope for breast cancer

Broccoli may undo diabetes damage

Orangutans concoct plant-based soothing balm
Uh oh, and they will work for a few bananas an hour.

Side Effects Reveal New Drug Targets.

Watermelon or viagra?

Chickens unlock allergy secrets.

Ageing muscle made young again.

Brain Trauma Vets

Study cracks amoeba attack tactic.

Real milk campaign.

New Ideas about Cause, Spread, and Therapy of Lyme Disease
Good info, but as they are selling something, read with critical eye.

Experimental Immune System Cancer Drug

Alcohol cuts risk of arthritis

chemo brain
Often dismissed as imaginary, but real nevertheless.

Cod oil cuts arthritis drug use
Yes, the same stuff granny used to pour down your throat, while holding your nose.

Tumour growth secret revealed

Which red wines are more healthy?
A clear case of the loser winning a different race.

Human viruses found in deep drinking water aquifers.

Diet foods weight gain puzzle
In a system with feedback such as your body, results are often the opposite of what simple reasoning might suggest.

Brazilian berry destroys cancer cells

Reversal Of Alzheimer's Symptoms Within Minutes
New insight into this unsavory disease gained.

Armed forces superbug
Another benefit of war heading to a hospital near you.

asthma, garlic, hibernation, roman legions, and your lifespan
Is it even concievable to connect all this together in one article ?

Snoring primer - tests included

Cannabis may halt breast cancer

Cold weather really does spread flu

Why garlic is good for the heart

Lead found in popular lipsticks

Hip size and breast cancer risk
Before you read the article, try to guess the nature of the correlation.

Migraine pill appears to have some benefit as therapy for alcoholics
Curious connection indeed.

Stored blood may lack vital component

Chilli anaesthetics
These highly specific molecules target only pain nerves.

Slippery Business
Modern olive oil exporting Romans follow in the inflating footsteps of their emperors. Olive oil is a healthy fat.

Brain injuries from war worse than thought

Answer to asthma may be dose of hookworms

Cancer-clogging drug molecules loaded onto tiny gold sphere
Welcome to nano world

Vitamin D in a New Light

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation
In case we have not mentioned enough of them.

Parents warned of additives link to behavioral problems.

10 Best Foods You Aren't Eating
Close your eyes and open wide ...

Red Wine, Cold?
Is that really what they do in Paris?

Worms tell stretchy nerve story.

Diabetes side effects may really be a thiamine deficiency.
Measurement protocol faulty.

Another warning on BPA plastic
This is the kind labeled PC or polycarbonate on the bottom, which is common in some large water bottles. Personally for any food contact, i would only use PE=polyethylene or PP=polypropylene, which is typical of milk jugs.

Mice drink coffee and exercise to deter skin cancer.

Bootleg Milk?
There are lots of ways to make milk taste better. This is probably the best.

Red Wine Protects the Prostate
3rd thumb up on this page. We are, however, not quite sure what it does to the sex drive.

Another reason to put the cat outside
I realize there are catophiles out there, but it does not hurt to be aware.

Barely Legal American Absinthe
It's a wormwood drink.

Reductionist Salt Story
Or beauty (e.g. beauty of salt) is not always beautiful.

Smoking wards off Parkinson's disease
Does this throw a wrench into the well oiled anti-smoking machine?

Prions and Alzheimers

HIV surgical enzyme created
A fleeting moment of glory for german molecular biologists.

Chewing gum poisons woman
If there is a sweet way to go, this is it.

DNA Damage From Anti-Coca Herbicide
Roundup is one of the most popular herbicides on the market - you just might want to take a quick look in your own shed.

Nerves work on sound?
Wacky theory or sublime insight - take your pick.

Cellular fountain of youth discovered
Recipe requires only 4 ingredients - Ponce, you fool, you looked everywhere except inside your own cells.

Fast food warning from mice
Suicidal mice leave note to their captors, who would have thunk it.

Egyptians, Not Greeks, Were True Fathers Of Medicine

'Sumo' offers new insight into brain wiring.

Boston doctors take 3 months to diagnose leishmaniasis.
Well ok dorothy, maybe the wizard needs to reconsider his brain = degree strategy.

Gene explains why people are night owls.

What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. - W.H. Davies
Just makes you wonder about a lot of things.

Grow-your-own Viagra
Another addition to the classic British Garden promising to send millions of men into the backyard with renewed enthusiasm.

That which makes us clever, make us mad.
Finally, an explanation for the current state of society.

People used like laboratory rats.
Do you get that feeling that your whiskers have been growing longer lately?.

War babies pay the price.
Chromosonal bullets strafe the next generation.

Your doctor tells you you need to control your cholesterol.
Before you start popping those expensive pills, here is another opinion.

Housework cuts breast cancer risk.
Just in case you needed a good reason to do it.

Sunshine triggers skin repair.

Primer on germ avoidance
and no, antibacterial soap is not such a great idea.

Tackling depression with ketamine

Lethal MRSA infection can kill you in just a few days.
or yes virginia, you can die from a scratch, and many doctors will not recognize it.

The mysterious Turmeric

What's rBGH doing in my Milk?
The r is for recombinant.

Fluoride Accumulates in Pineal Gland
Looks like adding fluoride to water is set to cature 1st place in this years medical absurdity competition.

Powerful Antacids Boost Chances of Hip Fracture
As usual there are always tradeoffs.

Diabetes breakthrough
Or an auto immune explanation loses its underwear of intelligence.

Hospital or Hotel?

Thyroid deficiency and rocket fuel
A far more satisfying explanation, than the usual expensive, explains-nothing, thyroid committed suicide medical answer you are likely to get.

Sex hormones and the 7 plastic (polycarbonate or lexan)

The Sit Up Straight Myth

More bad stuff on fluoride
Risk all this for one less cavity?

Got cotton?

A bed of nails for bacteria?

Hmmm ...
Ever Wonder why the first impulse you get, when you hurt your finger, is to stick it in your mouth.

Fluoride not great for infants.

Depleted Uranium and the Draft
Multiple choice: a)sucker's bait b)smart move c)both d)where did i put those dice?

Depleted Uranium and Cancer
We know lead dust is bad enough, uranium is an even heavier metal and is radioactive as well.

Calling Dr Google.
With a better than 50% correct diagnosis, I would say the consultation is priced very competitively.

It's Fish Oil After Heart Attacks.
Given a choice between a cholesterol pill or fish oil, which would you choose?

Raising the Steaks.
Ok not entirely a health topic but a bit related to this next article.

Girls racing into puberty.
One thing the article fails to mention is a long list of suspects, for example, hormones being pumped into cows and cattle, soybean products (see soybeans below), some plastics which are chemically similar to hormones (see 7 plastic above), and fluoride in the pineal gland.

What is Face blindness?
A rather interesting look into how your brain is wired.

Uncomfortable solution to hiccups wins an Ig Nobel.

Marijuana may stave off Alzheimer's.

Lucentis effective in halting progress of wet type macular degeneration.

Danger In Your Water.

Agent Orange study findings called flawed.

Drug may reverse liver disease.

Stem cells help blinded rats.
Rats first, humans with macular degeneration next, hopefully, if politicians can find other forms of amusement.

Coffee research too simplistic.

Tired of diet pills that don't work?
If you live on the coast, you might just try brown seaweed.

Cranberry juice changes bacteria.

GM crops sound good at first.
But the devil is in the details, Watson.

Cancer vaccine?
For girls only?

Acupuncture and migraine.
or how much does your doctor really know.

Sunscreen not as simple as you thought.

Chemical trails in the sky??

Researchers Repair Retinas With Stem Cells.

Do you have an iodine deficiency?

Ultrasound affecting brain development?
does your embryo really need one?

Aspartame - The World's Best Ant Poison ...
Just in case your ants are looking a little overweight.

Allergies could be snuffed out in 5 years.

Honey heals wounds better than modern science.

Genetically modified plant produces insulin
of course, don't expect prices to decline anytime soon.

Farewell to Teflon
or when is a farewell a farenotwell?

Vaccine to treat Alzheimer's

US scientists back autism link to MMR
MMR is the measles, mumps and rubella triple vaccine given to children.

Warnings over asthma meds

Building Top Floors Closed After Brain Tumor Alert
or are you cooking your brain at work?

Is food irradiation a good idea?

The Shaving Cream Racket

Cinderella's Dark Side
or the strange case of the soybean that went to the ball

Fungal eye infections in contact lens wearers seen

Cancer in a can?

Child ADHD drugs linked to heart attack

A baseball to the chest can kill without leaving a bruise.
... just when i was beginning to think baseball had no mystery in it.

A harmless visit to someone in the hospital?
or can you kill a superbug by stepping on it?

Sleep Deprivation or just another bad definition?

Doubts cast on oily fish

See no mad cows, hear no mad cows

Ambien and sleepwalking
Who knows, with a little chemical modification you could save 8 hours a day by working while you sleep.

Spicing up your prostate

Baby antibiotics an asthma link??

That spray under your arm could be a breast cancer link

Mercury in medicine bad pill for babies
They are talking about the vaccine preservative thimerosal, an organo-mercurial compound. Who's bright idea was that I wonder.

Fluoride in water poses health hazard?

Thinking about sticking a cotton swab in your ear?
Try a better approach.

Red wine's anti-ageing ingredient does it again
and if that does not drive you to drink, then ...

Chemicals in red wine can help prevent and treat gum disease

Oops, how did PFOA get into my breakfast?
And by the way, what is this perfluorooctanoic acid stuff?

A third of medical research wrong?

11 steps to a better brain

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